Duplicate Cleaner 3.2 Full Feature List


  • For Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Fully Unicode compatible
  • Multithreaded scanning and deletion
  • Scan logging to file
  • Load and Save results
  • Load and save scan profiles (Your favorite settings for different tasks)
  • System folders and files protection

Find Duplicate Files

  • Match by Content (Byte-by-Byte, MD5 Hash, SHA-1 Hash, SHA-256 Hash methods)
  • Match by similar content (%)
  • Match by File Name
  • Match by File Date Created
  • Match by File Date Modifed
  • Match by File Size

Find Duplicate Images

  • Match by Similarity (%)
  • Match Aspect Ratio
  • Find Rotated Images
  • Find Flipped Images

Find Duplicate Audio

  • Match by Same/Similar Artist name
  • Match by Same/Similar Album name
  • Match by Same/Similar Title
  • Match by same audio content

Search Filtering

  • Filter by file extension (include/exclude)
  • Filter by file size
  • Filter by file dates
  • Exclude zero size files
  • Exclude system files/folders
  • Don't follow NTFS Mountpoints/Junctions
  • Exclude hard linked files

Search Locations

  • Search Local or network drives
  • Search UNC network resource paths
  • Search external device (eg USB Stick, Camera)
  • Search in Zip Files
  • Include/Exclude search paths
  • Mark paths as not to be scanned against self (ie. compare between archives)


  • Large Duplicate Files View
  • Quick column views: Tags/Groups/Images
  • Many ways to filter the view
  • Interactive Duplicate Folders Tree View
  • Image browser with side-by-side comparison for duplicate groups
  • Image tag viewing
  • File Property viewing
  • Find groups with all files marked

Selection Assistants

  • Mark by Filetype, Folder, Folder Tree, Drive or Zip File.
  • Mark by files that duplicate folder elsewhere (Master/favorite folder)
  • Mark by text in columns (with regular expression option)
  • Mark by Groups
  • Mark by Date/Time
  • Mark by File sizes
  • Mark by File names (filename length or path length)
  • Mark by audio tags
  • Mark by image size
  • Mark Selected
  • Unmark variation for all the above
  • Invert

File Removal

  • Delete files
  • Delete files to Recycle Bin
  • Move Files
  • Copy Files
  • Rename Files
  • Hard-Link Files
  • Remove Empty Folders
  • Protection - warnings if you try and delete all copies of a file