• Overview & Installation

Overview & Installation

Duplicate Cleaner is an application to help you clean up your duplicate files.


You should only use duplicate cleaner if you understand your computer's file system, and you know what you are doing!
Always remember that data should be backed up regularly. We take no liability for any data lost or damaged through use or misuse of this software. We recommend that important data is backed up prior to the use of this software.
Duplicate Cleaner looks for files on your hard disc that appear twice. There may be a good reason for this - a program may require a file in a certain place to work. If in doubt, do not delete a file!  We recommend that you do not use Duplicate Cleaner to remove files from your Program Files, Windows, or any other system folder.




Double click on the downloaded Duplicate Cleaner setup executable file in Windows Explorer. You will be guided through a simple automatic install process to the location of your choice.  Duplicate Cleaner requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or better to run.  This should be present on most modern systems, but older systems may need updating.