Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4.1.3

The latest version of Duplicate Cleaner Pro is out.You can download now

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Duplicate Cleaner Pro 4.0.2

The latest version of Duplicate Cleaner Pro is out.You can download now. Some features:

  • Support for RAW camera image formats
  • Support for High-DPI and large font displays
  • Audio data only comparison mode
  • Progress indicator when frontloading files to delete/move
  • Bugfixes: Windows Vista crash, Windows 8/10 hardlinking, other minor fixes.
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Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.2.6 Released

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.2.6 is out now!

  • Program closedown speed improved.
  • Duplicate folders view: Now shows files from zip archives in list.
  • Duplicate folders count now shown in completion dialog.
  • Can now load .dc Profile from send-to menu / double click in explorer.
  • Bugfix: Network drive selector issues.
  • Bugfix: Scan complete dialog hidden behind main window.
  • Bugfix: Select by location bug when missing trailing backslash.
  • Bugfix: Duplicate folder export CSV - text fields now quoted.
  • Other minor fixes.

Download Duplicate Cleaner here.

PDF Manual

You can now get the Duplicate Cleaner 3 manual as a downloadable PDF here: Duplicate Cleaner Manual (PDF)

Our support system now has some live FAQs as well.
Support System FAQs for Duplicate Cleaner and more.

Japanese review & language pack

There is a good new review in Japanese with an author Q&A here: Vector review

Additionally, there is a link to a Japanese language pack for Duplicate Cleaner:
Duplicate Cleaner 日本語化ファイル (Download Japanese localisation file by


Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.2.3 Released

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.2.3 is now available for download. It is mainly fixes, but does include Russian Language support.

  • Similar image comparison improved, including rotated images
  • (Bugfix) Don't Scan against self - Image Mode issue - resolved.
  • (Bugfix) Read-only files will now delete in non-recycle mode
  • (Bugfix) SQL Logic Error while scanning in similar file mode - resolved.

Download it here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There was some recent discussion on keyboard shortcuts in Duplicate Cleaner. Always handy for the power user, they can speed up your workflow.
Here is the current list:

  • Space - Mark selected file (or folder in Duplicate folder list)
  • CTRL-A - Select All
  • CTRL-T Select by text window
  • CTRL-L Select by Location window
  • ALT-F4 - exit
  • F1 - Help
  • F2 - Rename selected file in list
  • F3 - Image preview
  • F5 - refresh file list (remove files deleted externally)
  • F10 - More Options
  • ALT-R - View recycle bin
  • ALT-UP, ALT-DOWN - jump to next/previous Marked file in list

Any suggestions for shortcuts to add to Duplicate Cleaner? Join the discussion here.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.1.3

The latest version of Duplicate Cleaner Pro is out. You can grab it here. It has a few new features and some fixes.

  • Added 'Exclude Path' to right-click path selection menu
  • New option to ignore file extension in same/similar filename criteria
  • SHA-512 Hashing
  • 'View log file' added to View menu

New Manual!

Duplicate Cleaner 3 now has a new manual! It's available with the latest download. You can jump to the relevant part of the help pages from Duplicate Cleaner by clicking on a help icon. The manual can also be viewed online here.
Also, Duplicate Cleaner 3.0.9 is now out. It promises faster deletion, especially if you aren't using the recycle bin. Download it here.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.0.8

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.0.8 is here, be sure to update!
A few new features here, as well as some fixes.
Download Here.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.0.6

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.0.6 was released recently. This version has a new feature which can check the server automatically for updates - no need to go to the web site to check anymore. This behavior can be turned off in the options, and you can click to check manually if you prefer. This version also contains several fixes, so please update!
Duplicate Cleaner download page.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.0.5 Released

Duplicate Cleaner Mug

Duplicate Cleaner 3.0.5 Pro has just been released for download. This update contains important bugfixes, and some feature updates.
Download it here!

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Now in French and German!

Duplicate Cleaner 3 Pro 3.0.4 is released today. Along with minor bugfixes, it now has French and German language support!

Please update using the download link - you can just install the new version over the top.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.0.3

Duplicate Cleaner 3 Pro was released to the public last week. Thanks to everyone who downloaded it :) Lots of good feedback.

The download was recently updated to version 3.0.3, with some important fixes - please update if you haven't already.

Finding duplicate pictures

Find duplicate images

A new feature of Duplicate Cleaner 3 is 'Image Mode'. You can now find similar pictures, and remove unwanted copies.

The type of situations dealt with are:

  • Resized: You've resized an image, and kept copies in different sizes.
  • Rotated: A picture has been rotated.
  • Flipped: A picture has been flipped or reversed.
  • Similar: You have two pictures with slight differences (ie took two shots with the camera, or you've done some editing)
  • Retouched: You've subtly altered brightness, contrast or colour on an image.

You can specify a percentage similarity when searching. It's worth experimenting with this till you get results you are happy with. Images are 'cached' during scans, so repeat searches (perhaps you've added a new folder to the search, or changed a setting) will be faster.

The new image preview tool really helps as well - this gives you a quick side-by-side comparison of pictures grouped by similarity.

Duplicate Cleaner 3.0


Well, like Christmas, Duplicate Cleaner 3.0 is almost upon us. This is the first release that is split in two - a Free version, and a premium 'Pro' version.

The new version has some very exciting new features. These include finding similar images/photos - including rotated, edited, flipped or resized. Other new features include a duplicate folder view, Zip archive scanning, custom scan profiles, audio data comparison, a new duplicate image browser, 'Don't scan against self' inputs, and much more. Will will try and look in more detail at these in future posts.