• Scanning Window

Scanning Window

This window appears when a scan is started (from the Start scan button).  It can be minimized while a scan is ongoing.
Scanning Window

Progress bar

1. Progress bar
Shows the progress through the scan, and the current status.

Scan details

2. Scan details
A summary of the scan criteria.  Search folders can also be viewed by clicking on the '+' icon.

Total Files Scanned

3. Total Files Scanned
The total number of files scanned, along with the combined file size.

Duplicate Groups Found

4. Duplicate Groups Found
The number of duplicate groups found.  A 'group' is two or more files which are the same according to the scan criteria.

Duplicate files found

5. Duplicate files found
The total number of duplicate files found, along with size.

Duplicate folders found

6. Duplicate folders found
The total number of duplicate folder groups found. These are calculated at the end of the scan.

Time taken

7. Time taken
The time the scan has taken.

Additional messages

8. Additional messages
Information about the scan, usually shown when complete.

Stop / Close button

9. Stop / Close button
Use this button to cancel the scan when running, or to close the window.
Note: If Duplicate Cleaner is in the middle of scanning a large file it may not stop the scan immediately.