• Search Criteria Tab

Search Criteria Tab

The Search Criteria tab is where you tell Duplicate Cleaner what you are looking for. (The Scan Location tab lets you say where).
There are three modes of operation - Regular Mode, Image Mode and Audio Mode.  Select the appropriate tab to activate this search type, and then specify the criteria.
On this page you also specify the Search filters - these narrow down the type of files you are scanning for.  You can also refine your search with More duplicate options and Advanced search options.
Search Criteria Tab

Start scan button

1. Start scan button
Clicking on this button will start the scan.  Only do this once you have set all the criteria and the search paths.

Main menu

2. Main menu
The main menu strip.

Mode tabs

3. Mode tabs
Select one of these tabs to specify the type of files you are searching for.  Regular Mode, Image Mode or Audio Mode are available.

More duplicate options

4. More duplicate options
Refine your duplicate search with More duplicate options

Search filters

5. Search filters
Filter your search here.

Advanced search options

6. Advanced search options
More information on the advanced search options here.