Regular Mode

Regular mode searches for duplicate files by their content, their standard attributes (such as size or date), or a combination of both.
Regular Mode

Same content option

1. Same content option
This option will find files with exactly the same content inside, regardless of name or date.  Duplicate files matched with this technique will always be the same size.
Note: For advanced users, the method using for comparing exact files can be changed in the Options screen.

Similar content option (Pro)

2. Similar content option (Pro)
This option allows you to find files with similar contents.  The minimum similarity is controlled by changing the percentage.
Running a scan using this option can be several times slower than with the Same content option.

Ignore content option

3. Ignore content option
Use this option if you want to completely ignore the content of the file, and instead compare by attributes such as file name, size or date. You must select an additional criteria from the 'More duplicate options' section when using this option.

Help button

4. Help button
Displays the help for Regular mode.