Image Mode (Pro)

Image Mode is for the finding of duplicate and similar images. The actual images are visually compared, regardless of file type, resolution or tags.
Image data is also cached by Duplicate Cleaner, meaning that a scan covering any previously scanned (and unchanged) images is a lot faster.
Supported image types are:
You can also scan camera RAW image formats - be sure that RAW Image support is checkmarked in the Search options
Due to the raw nature and larger file size of these formats scans will tend to be slower than with regular image formats.
RAW Image types supported include:
.raw, .cr2, .nef, .dng, .arw, .crw, .kdc, .mos, .srw, .orf, .raf, .rw2, .x3f, .3fr, .mrw, .dcr, .erf, .mef, .pef, .sr2
Any other file types are ignored in this mode.
Image Mode (Pro)

Similarity setting

1. Similarity setting
Set the similarity of the images you want to find here.
Note that 'Exact Match' finds exact pixel duplicates of the images (ignoring tags). The other settings compare for similar images, ignoring colour and tags (unless you specify a tag)
  • If you just want to compare image tags, and ignore the actual image, you can select 'Ignore'.
  • For very small resolution files such as small icons, exact matching may produce better results
  • If you are getting false matches, try unchecking the 'Find Rotated' and 'Find Flipped' settings, and lock the search to 'Same Resolution' and 'Same Aspect Ratio' settings. Also try increasing the similarity.
  • All Similar modes (not Exact Match) use colour-insensitive matching (greyscale).

Find Rotated check

2. Find Rotated check
Check this if you want to group rotated images as duplicates.
Note: Rotations considered are 90, 180, and 270 degrees.

Find Flipped check

3. Find Flipped check
Check this if you want to find flipped images (flipped horizontally or vertically).

Same Resolution check

4. Same Resolution check
Check this if you want only images of the same resolution (e.g. 1020x800) to be matched.

Same Aspect Ratio check

5. Same Aspect Ratio check
Check this if you want only images of the same aspect ratio (eg. 16:9)  to be matched.

Match other tags

6. Match other tags
You can optionally group images by matching tags. Tags currently available are:
  • Digitised date/time
  • Digitised date
  • Modified date/time
  • Modified date
  • ImageUniqueID
  • UserComment
  • Lat/Long (exact match / 100m grid match / 1Km grid match)
  • Latitude only
  • Longitude only
If the tags do not exist in the image then the image will not be grouped in the results.

Distance between images

7. Distance between images
This option groups the images by geo-location, within a user specified radius. The location is taken from the image tags (Lattitude/Longitude). The image must contain location tags for this to work - this is supported by most modern cameras and smartphones if enabled.