Main Toolbar

 Main Toolbar

About button

1. About button
Displays the About screen.

Scan Now button

2. Scan Now button
Starts the scan and brings up the scanning window. Make sure you have set all the criteria and the scan location before doing this.

Image Preview button

3. Image Preview button
Brings up the Image Preview Window, and displays the currently selected image in the Duplicate file list.

File Removal button

4. File Removal button
Brings up the File Removal window. This is only available after performing a scan.

Load Profile button

5. Load Profile button
Load a previously saved profile.
A Profile is a 'snapshot' of all your current scan settings, criteria, and scan locations.  You can use these saved profiles to quickly recall different scanning scenarios.
Note: Some application wide settings, such as logging and caching, aren't saved as part of the profile.

Save Profile button

6. Save Profile button
Save the current scan profile.

More Options button

7. More Options button
Brings up the More Options window.

Exit button

8. Exit button
Exits Duplicate Cleaner.