More Options

The More Options window can be brought up from the Main Toolbar, or Options Menu.
More Options

Show About on startup check

1. Show About on startup check
When checked, the about dialog box will pop up upon starting Duplicate Cleaner

Confirm on Exit check

2. Confirm on Exit check
When checked, the user will be asked if they are sure before exiting the program

Automatically check for new updates check

3. Automatically check for new updates check
Duplicate Cleaner will check for new updates upon starting. 
This check requires an internet connection as it reads a small file from the DigitalVolcano server. No personal information is transmitted.

Log Events to File check

4. Log Events to File check
Duplicate Cleaner usage is logged to a local text file. (Off by default).
Events logged include:
  • All scans with settings, criteria, dates and times.
  • All deleted, moved, renamed and hardlinked files.
  • Other error and troubleshooting information.

View Log File... button

5. View Log File... button
This button will load and display the log text file with the default text viewer (usually Notepad).

Select log file button

6. Select log file button
Brings up a dialog allowing the you to choose the location and name of the logging text file.

OK button

7. OK button
Closes the window and stores the settings.

Cancel button

8. Cancel button
Cancels any changes and closes the window.