Scanning Options

Scanning Options

Content comparison type

1. Content comparison type
Changes the method that Duplicate Cleaner uses to compare files:
  • Byte-to-Byte (Compares all identically sized files against the other on a byte-by-byte basis)
  • MD5 (Hash algorithm -fastest)
  • SHA-1 (Hash algorithm - slower)
  • SHA-256 (Hash algorithm -slowest)
Hash algorithms generate a 'fingerprint' for each file. These are then compared. 

Image Metrics caching

2. Image Metrics caching
When checked, information about images scanned (in Image Mode) is cached, and used to speed up subsequent scans.

Clear metrics cache button

3. Clear metrics cache button
Clears the image metrics cache. 

Zip file temp space

4. Zip file temp space
The maximum amount of temporary space Duplicate Cleaner is to use when unzipping archives for scanning. Having too small an amount available may slow down the scanning of zip archives.