Scan Location Tab

We need to tell the program where to search. On the 'Scan Location' tab you can choose folders by selecting from the list and dragging to the 'Search Paths' windows, or by clicking the Add Path button. Alternately paths can be dragged and dropped from Windows Explorer.  Right clicking on a path names brings up extra options.  Specific paths can be excluded from the search.
The program will also search all subfolders contained within the folders in the list as well. If you don't want this to happen, untick the 'Scan Subfolders' option.
Scan Location Tab

Folders and Drives List

1. Folders and Drives List
This is the list of available drives and folders.  Any of these can be added as a search path by selecting the folder and clicking the arrow, or dragging across.
Paths can also be dragged from Windows Explorer directly into the Search Paths window.
A right-click context menu is also available on this list, with additional actions such as add folder, expand/collapse, show in explorer, and properties.
If a location such as a network folder is not shown, it can be added to this list by typing/pasting in the box at the top of the list.

Search Paths

2. Search Paths
This list contains the paths that are to be scanned by Duplicate Cleaner.
Paths will usually have a status:
  • Included - Path will be scanned
  • Excluded - This path (and subfolders) are not to be scanned
The Scan Against Self Setting:
When this is set to 'No',  Duplicate Cleaner will not compare the contents of the specified folder against itself. This way, the input folder can be treated as a 'clean' archive, to be compared against others.
Right-clicking on this list will bring up a context menu allowing you to change the status and other settings.

Search Path buttons/options

3. Search Path buttons/options
Select Folder
Allows you to select a folder to directly add to the Search Paths list.
Enter Folder Name Manually
You can type or paste a drive/path name here to add to the Search Paths list.
Remove All from List
Clears the Search Paths list.
Scan Subfolders option
Subfolders of the paths listed will be included in the scan (unless specifically excluded)
Scan in Zip files (Treat as folders)
The contents of zip files will be searched as part of the duplicate scan, and listed as subfolders in the results.
Note: When this is active, the zip files themselves will not be shown in the results.