Registration window (Pro)

The registration window appears in Duplicate Cleaner Pro, when in unregistered (Trial) mode. Here you can enter a purchased license key to activate Duplicate Cleaner Pro, or you can use the trial for a limited period.
Registration window (Pro)

License Key box

1. License Key box
Enter the license key here. If you have received it by email it is usually quicker to paste the key in (CTRL-V).
The key is usually in the format:

Use Trial button

2. Use Trial button
If there is a trial period left, this launches Duplicate Cleaner in trial mode. 
Import and Export is disabled, and file removal is only possible on group numbers 1-100.

Buy Online button

3. Buy Online button
Brings up the secure purchase page to obtain a license key.  There are often discounts and special offers applied!
Visit the Duplicate Cleaner purchase page for the latest deals.